• Apartment Complex Glass Pool Fence: Santa Monica, CA

    This apartment complex in Santa Monica, California recently gave their pool area a stylish makeover with a frameless glass pool fence. The existing iron fence surrounding the pool was an eyesore and beginning to rust. The property owners were searching for an alternative pool barrier that met safety code, but was …

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  • Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fence

    Glass pool fences are growing in popularity as an elegant safety barrier that allows you to maintain clear views of your backyard. Many people worry that a glass fence will require frequent, intensive cleaning. Surprisingly, glass fencing is actually one of the easiest types of fencing to maintain! Because the panels …

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  • How to Install Frameless Glass Fencing

    Homeowners and commercial entities considering installation of frameless glass fencing might be curious about how difficult it is to install. The answer is: it’s not difficult at all. Most skilled licensed contractors can do it. Installing frameless glass fencing does not require highly specialized tools, only those suited for the surface where …

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